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Other Essays in Contemporary Thought. New York: Henry Holt ... DEEP ECOLOGY. Adherents of the deep ecology movement share a dislike of the human-centered value system at the core of European and North American industrial culture. Deep ... MOVEMENT. Arne Naess invented the term deep ecology in a famous.
In his essay The Shallow and the Deep, Long-Range Ecology Movements: A Summary, published in 1973 in the journal Inquiry, Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss (1912–2009) coined the concept deep ecology. Therein, he argued that only a “deep” transformation of modern society could prevent an ecological collapse.
Deep Ecology. Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess (b. 1912) coined the term “Deep Ecology” in 1972 to express the ideas that nature has intrinsic value, namely, value apart from its usefulness to human beings, and that all life ... “Land Ethic” essay, which was published posthumously in A Sand County Almanac in 1948.
What is Deep Ecology? - “Ecology and spirituality are fundamentally connected, because deep ecological awareness, ultimately, is spiritual awareness” - Fritjof Capra “Deep ecology” as a concept has grown since 1973, when it was propounded for the first time by Arne Naess, a Norwegian philosopher remarkably
Arne Naess The phrase "deep ecology" was coined by the Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess in 1973,[1] and he helped give it a theoretical foundation. "For Arne Naess, ecological science, concerned with facts and logic alone, cannot answer ethical questions about how we should live. For this we need ecological
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Modern environmentalism owes a great debt to philosopher, professor, and writer Arne Naess, cofounder of the Deep Ecology movement. Here, editors Alan Drengson and Bill Devall provide a comprehensive yet accessible volume of Naess's most groundbreaking and seminal essays, which have remained influential
Tiefenökologie (englisch deep ecology) ist eine spirituelle, „ganzheitliche” Umwelt- und Naturphilosophie, die ein Leben im Einklang mit der Natur anstrebt. Leitgedanke ist die Vereinigung von Denken, Gefühl, Spiritualität und Handlung. Der Mensch soll sich insbesondere seiner Rolle als „Bewahrer“ oder „Zerstörer“
In his original 1972/73 deep ecology paper, Arne Næss claims the deep ecology movement arose from scientists – ecologists who were out in the field studying the biodiversity and wild ecosystems throughout the world. They were also doing the work of philosophers, laying the foundations for the Age of Ecology and a new

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